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Sugar tax is essential

Many governments are using tax to promote healthier lifestyles. High consumption of sugar is linked to common diseases, such as heart disease, cancer en Type 2 Diabetes. A recent study reflected that South Africa is the 2nd highest ranking regards to deaths attributed...

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Checklist for small and medium sized enterprises

When starting up a business or working on growing your business, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the many regulatory bodies and requirements in South Africa. It can become a cumbersome process by spending a great deal of your time simply trying to comply. Although...

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Can tax be avoided legally?

Lack of planning is often the biggest mistake that taxpayers make. A transaction’s facts and nature cannot be changed once it has been completed, which the tax liability is based on. Planning beforehand will assist the taxpayer in understanding the tax liability, the...

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Stopper on Tax Refunds

A number of taxpayers has experienced challenges in the payment of their refunds and received requests to visit a SARS branch in order for their refund to be finalised. During the early phases of the 2016 filing season it was determined that there were a number of...

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Debt Outsourced

SARS has outsourced a portion of its debt book to service providers to assist in collection of debt. A 6 month outsourcing project has been implemented with respect to undisputed and unsecured debt older than 4 years, as from 1st June 2016. The following service...

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