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About Our Tax Services

The Challenge: Individual Tax Returns

With all the changes in the Tax Administration Act the demand to submit Individual Income Tax returns has increased substantially. The requirements for Tax return submission is becoming more stringent with each passing year, eventually causing the regular taxpayer to seek professional assistance.

It has become increasingly clear that individual tax is not being prioritised by practices that deliver a variety of services. Vital Tax would like to accommodate these individuals by focusing our core services on individual taxes, but also by noting that we have the expertise to deal with and advise on other financial services.

Why us: Individual Tax Returns

Weary of looking for a professional to deal with your personal income tax and breaking the financial budget to stay compliant with SARS?

Let an Online tax professional manage your personal tax affairs with a passion for personal income tax and the goal to make the process as straightforward as possible.

We endeavour to deliver an efficient service to alleviate the burden of dealing with taxes for the South African individual with time and financial constraints.

Communication and interaction with SARS on your behalf.

About Our Accounting Services

The Challenge: Accounting Services

Finding an accountant to prioritise the small to medium businesses with the same commitment you as the owner has is not an easy task, but it is an important decision for your business to thrive.

When starting up a business or working on growing your business, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the many regulatory bodies and requirements in South Africa. These requirements has become a cumbersome process by spending a great deal of your time simply trying to comply, thus making the move to a professional accountant so much more crucial.

Why us: Accounting Services

We want to offer our personalised assistance with your accounting and business needs by utilising online technology. Personalised meaning that we will note your specific business requirements in terms of the accounting function and build our services around this.

We aspire to build relationships with our clients and be there with every step they take in setting up and/or growing their businesses. Our approach is simplifying the processes and requirements making it more efficient for you to focus on your business.

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